Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone ●  2022  ●  Length: 3′


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Program Note

One of the most joyous parts of becoming a mother last year has been watching my daughter daily discover the most ordinary things and being filled with delight: the soft fur of our dog or the tickle of his kisses, the clacking sound of two wooden blocks clapped together, the flow of water being poured from a cup, the sight of her face in the mirror. Of course, a favorite of many babies and toddlers is watching bubbles hover in the air and then mysteriously vanish as they pop (or reaching out or chasing them to make them pop). Pop seeks to encapsulate the surprise, joy, and wonder of little ones as they explore everyday objects and experiences that most of us take for granted through surprising twists and turns, playful dialogue, and jubilant energy. Pop was commissioned by Jacob Nance and Natalia Warthen.

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