Grade: 2
Length: 3′




Clarinet in B 1, 2

Bass Clarinet in B

Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone

Trumpet in B

Horn in F


Baritone T. C.

Baritone B. C.



Percussion 1 (crash cymbals, temple blocks)

Percussion 2 (bass drum, tenor drum)

Percussion 3 (ratchet, triangle, xylophone)


Canton Middle School Band – April 15, 2023

Program Note

           Like Clockwork was commissioned by the Canton Middle School Band, directed by Max Mollenkamp. Located in Streamwood, Illinois, the school is not far from the site of the historic Elgin National Watch Company, what was once the world’s largest site dedicated to watchmaking. Located on the Fox River in Elgin, the factory was in operation for a century and was world-renowned for its scientifically precise watches. During World War II, the factory switched to wartime production, and it was ultimately demolished in 1966. A strip mall now exists where the factory once stood. Like Clockwork tells this story with a steadily beating tick-tock pulse running through most of the piece. Building anticipation, the music gradually accelerates and crescendos to a climax – the factory’s demolition – and then the pulse is lost, with only the occasional faint echo reminding listeners of what was once there.