Clarinet in B♭, Cello, Piano
Length: 7′


Annaka Hogelin – St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, Boulder, CO – March 7, 2019 

Program Note

              Light the Day was written for clarinetist Annaka Hogelin as a part of Training Groove, a commissioning project in which composers wrote music designed for running at 180 beats per minute. Light the Day serves as recovery music for runners. The title draws on my own experience as a runner and the joy running brings me both during and after a run. Though physically challenging, I find running exhilarating and therapeutic. I particularly enjoy running in the mornings, and I notice a significant improvement in my mood on days when I have had a morning run. While I was composing, I imagined scenes from my morning trail runs in Colorado. I would often run as the sun was still rising in the sky, reflecting beautifully on leaves, greenery, wild grasses, or snow, depending on the season. Light the Day is soothing and calming, yet constantly pulsing, and my hope is that it will reach runners and non-runners alike.