Length: 15′


I. Sunlight

II. Wind

III. Ocean

IV. Lightning

V. Forest

VI. Water

VII. Desert

VIII. Fire

IX. Moonlight


James Brinkmann – May 4, 2021

Program Note

Brush Strokes was commissioned by flutist James Brinkmann and is based on a series of nine paintings he completed. Each painting depicts a dancer in a different scene, each based on nature, in which the dancer’s shape and movement are influenced by the environment.  Brush Strokes is comprised of nine miniatures, one for each painting. The music aims to capture the setting, mood, color, and movement of each painting, from the bright, joyful dance of “Sunlight” to the calm lullaby of “Moonlight” and everything in between.

Performance Note

This piece is most accessible to a flute with a C-sharp trill key, though possible to play without one. It is recommended that the paintings are projected with a performance.